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Easypill putty review

EasyPill putty reviewed

EasyPill is a putty that wraps around pills, making them highly palatable for your cat. EasyPill claims ‘EasyPill makes administering medication to your dog or cat easy. Just wrap the medication in the putty and give to your pet, you'll be surprised how easily they take it.’

Does Easypill work?

We thought it sounded too good to be true. But we recently needed to pill one of our big, strong, stud boys. Normally we use a pill-popper device (the Buster Pill Giver), but that just didn’t work because our boy was too strong. The next thing we tried was hiding his pills in food. He ate a couple, but we had to hide them really well and after about 2 successful attempts he cottoned on and just ate around the pills and left them. We tried putting them straight in his mouth, but that was a total disaster (not recommended!). So we turned to EasyPill to try it. 

After days of struggling with the pill popper and various forms of concealments in different cat foods, we tentatively wrapped a pill in the putty and put it down, nervously hoping our boy would take it! He immediately wandered over to the pill, concealed in the putty, and wolfed it down. It was unbelievably easy. He liked it so much that he got to know what time his meds were due and would paw at our legs to ask us for his pill putty! A wonderful product that solves a real problem for cat owners. Easypill was a fantastic solution at a time when we really needed one.

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Easypill cat putty

Drawbacks of Easypill: 

1. The pills we were using needed to be administered with food, so this was ideal. But there are pills that need to be administered on an empty stomach, so Easypill wouldn’t help in that scenario. Check the instructions that come with your medication before using this. If your medication needs to be taken on an empty stomach, try the Buster Pill Giver instead.

2. We have also only tested it on one cat so far, but it was received so well we would expect the vast majority of cats would be fine with this. We did give a few bits of it to some of our other cats (without any pills in, just to test if they would like the flavour) and they loved it too.

Easypill Tips

Top Bombadilo Tips for using Easypill...

Tip 1. We needed to use a moderately large amount of it to completely wrap the pill. We started by buying a small pouch, but we used it up very quickly so recommend getting the large tub. 

Tip2. Wrap the pill in the putty out of sight of your cat. Cats can be very suspicious and intelligent, if they see you put the pill in it they may be less inclined to eat it!


There is nothing more stressful than needing to pill your cat and not being able to get them to take the medicine. You know they need it for their health, but it is just so dangerous and distressing trying to force a cat to eat tablet. Easypill is a wonderful, clever and practical solution for a real problem. A great way to pill your cat without stressing them, or you! We are super impressed by this and it is now our favourite pill-giving method by a long shot. Highly recommended. 

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