Best cat trees ever

The best cat trees ever...tried and tested by the Bombadillo kittens!

best cat trees

Discover the best cat trees ever! Over the years we have tried out many, many cat trees! Some are fantastic, others are terrible, and some are fairly average. Prices vary greatly, as does quality. So we decided to list some of our absolute best cat trees for you here, so you can go straight to the good ones and avoid wasting your hard earned money.

The best option for your home will depend on a few things: how many cats you have, how big they are, how well they get along and what budget you have. If you are in a house with multiple cats, opt for something larger with multiple levels or sitting areas, so that your cats can all have a comfortable place to perch.

For a beautiful, modern cat tree...

RHRQuality Cat Tree

RHRQuality plush grey cat tree review

These cat trees are excellent quality whilst having a very modern aesthetic. With beautiful, plush grey material they fit in beautifully with an elegant and modern home, blending well into their surroundings. The cushions are removable so they can be washed, which we love. A modern, comfortable, luxurious perch for your cat to enjoy!

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Best cat trees: XL cat trees

XL cat trees are great for athletic cats and multi cat households. These cat trees can accommodate 2-3 cats comfortably, or a whole litter of kittens! They also give your cat a good amount of exercise climbing up and down so are especially useful for indoor cats. If you don't have the space for an XL cat tree, scroll down a bit to see some great alternatives for you.

Best XL Cat Tree 1: Natural Paradise Cat tree

best cat trees natural paradise


Price: around £140

This cat tree is ideal for large cats, adventurous cats who like climbing and multi-cat households. 

It comes in 3 sizes: Compact, Standard and Premium. We have the Standard size and find it more than adequate. If you are a little short on space, try the Compact version, or have a look further down this list. 

Our cats love this cat tower. And we love the fact that it is easy to clean. The fabric parts detach and can be machine washed at 30C. The wood can then be hoovered and cleaned with a suitable cleaner. This gives it a huge advantage over the usual fabric type cat towers, which are very difficult to keep clean. 

It is incredibly sturdy - very strong, solid and stable. Be aware that it is quite heavy, so a little hard to move around. This is one of our absolute favourites. It also comes in a much shorter version that we'll look at further down the page.

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Best XL Cat Tree 2: Natural Heaven III Cat Tree 

Natural Heaven III Cat tree review

Price: Around £150

Another great option. Very similar to to Natural Paradise cat tree above but more compact. Better for slightly smaller spaces where you still want to give your cat a nice tall cat tree that they can really climb. Solid wood base makes it super sturdy - ours has never fallen over. Removable, machine washable fabric parts make it easy to keep clean.

Dimensions: 70 x 65 x 155 cm

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Best cat trees: smaller, more economical cat trees

Natural Paradise Quadra I Cat Tree 

Natural Paradise Quadra I Cat Tree

This cat tree is a great medium sized cat tree and fantastic value. High quality, solid wood platforms and sturdy sisal with detachable, washable plush beds for your cat. Super easy to put together - literally took about 15 minutes by myself so a great option for anyone living alone or not strong enough to haul around a super heavy cat tower. A great size for beside the sofa, or anywhere you don't want a huge tree towering over you. This cat tree has distinctive, square shaped scratching posts making it really easy for your cats to have a good scratch!  Some of the more flimsy cat towers we have tried get knocked over when our cats leap on them, but this is sturdy enough to have never had that problem. 

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Natural Paradise Cat Tree Mini

Natural Paradise Small Cat Tree


Price: around £90

The Natural Paradise Cat Tree Mini is a great option where you want a substantial, stable cat tree that doesn't reach the ceiling! The fabric parts are removable and washable making it easy to keep clean and hygienic. Our cats love the large sisal scratching posts. Unlike other, cheaper cat trees, none of the sisal posts have become 'unwound'. The den in this cat tree is also very popular with our cats - normally they are not too fussed about den compartments, but they love this one. This really is a cat tree for life and well worth the investment. Also available in a larger version higher up the page.

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Natural Heaven II Cat tree

best cat trees natural heaven

This is a fantastic cat tree: it is economical, fairly compact, solid and sturdy and easy to clean. This cat tree has all of the benefits of the Natural Paradise XL, but is cheaper, more compact, and easier to put together (it literally took about 10 minutes to assemble).  It is also much lighter and easier to move than the Natural Paradise XL. The bed on the top seems extremely comfortable and is very popular with our cats. If you have more than one cat you may need an additional option for them, or a bigger tree, to avoid disagreements about the bed!

Best cat trees: mini cat tree

PawHut Cat Tree Scratcher

PawHut Scratcher for cats review

Price: around £25 - great value!

Great for very small kittens learning to climb, or as a scratcher and alternative hang out for an older cat. A great price, easy to put together and loved by all of our kittens! Less long lasting than other options, but a great option for very small kittens or anywhere you want to provide a good scratching option or raised bed. Our cats all, big and small, love scratching the sisal curve on this. We use these for our kittens too.

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Best cat tree alternatives

Sometimes you don't want an enormous cat tree looming over you! Here is a great alternative: 

Diogenes Barrel

best cat trees diogenes barrel review

Price: varies depending on the size - from £47 upwards

These barrels are really excellent. They are neat and compact, so don’t dominate the room, but our cats absolutely love them. Being entirely covered in sisal makes them irresistible for cats to scratch, and they love hiding inside them.  

These are not as easy to clean as the wooden cat trees, but are still an excellent option. They come in a range of sizes and prices. We like the Medium ones, but are sure our cats would love the super large ones as well!  These barrels have lasted the test of time very well indeed.

Buy a Diogenes Barrel on Amazon here 


A note on cheap cat trees 

On the internet you can find a multitude of very large, expansive and fun looking cat trees for very low prices. Many of these are available on Amazon, Ebay and other market places. We did once buy one of these was around £40 for an enormous cat tree and on the photographs it appeared to be fantastic value. Unfortunately it was destroyed within a few weeks and needed to be disposed of! So be very careful when shopping online. Cat towers need to withstand your cat's weight, activity levels and claws. Most of the cheaper cat trees that are available online are simply not built to last - which means they cost you more money and ultimately just increase the amount of rubbish going into landfills every year. When looking for a cat tree consider how thick the supports are, how well attached the sisal is, whether the fabric will last, and how well designed the item is. Opting for options that are easy to clean means that your cat tree will last longer: saving you money, and going a little way to helping the planet as well. It is well worth investing in one of the best cat trees you can. 

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All of our reviews are totally independent - tried by cats, for cats! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. We only review and endorse products that we use ourselves. All of the best cat trees listed here are used and loved by the Bombadillo Kittens! Most cat trees we have used have not made it into our best cat trees list.