Buster Pill Giver: Pet Product Review

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Buster Pill Giver review

Buster pill giver: pet product review 

Giving cats pills can be a total nightmare. Teeth and fingers don’t go to well together! Remember, if you do get bitten by a cat, you need to go for medical attention. The bacteria in the mouth of a cat can cause infections so antibiotics are required. Finding an effective and safe way to pill a cat is really important, so we are always on the look out for safe, effective ways to pill our cats. 

We tried this Buster Pill Giver a while ago and have used it on all of our cats now. It has become an essential tool! It still involves a bit of man-handling of your cat, so if you have a very large, strong or unruly cat it may not help you. It is not so helpful with our stud boys, as they are just so big and strong that even with the Buster Pill Giver it can still be quite a dangerous activity. But for the average cat it is really effective and easy to use. 

How to use the Buster Pill Giver

Simply put the pill in the plastic claws at the end of the pill giver. Then place it in your cat’s mouth, position it as far back as you can, and then pop the pill out. If you follow it by syringing a few drops of water into your cats mouth that encourages your cat to swallow the pill. Please only syringe water if you are confident doing it - if your cat breathes any water in it can cause pneumonia, so you do need to know what you are doing with that! 

Buster Pill Giver Varieties 

The pill giver comes in a regular tip, which is hard plastic, or a soft tip, which is a soft, rubbery texture. We have tried both and found both easy to use. We perhaps lean slightly more towards the regular tip, but there is not much difference. 

Buster Pill Giver Review

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An alternative method...

We wouldn’t be without one of these pill givers now, they really are excellent. We did recently have a big stud boy we needed to pill and even with the pill giver he was just too strong. We investigated Easypill and that worked a treat. For any pill that can be given with food, we recommend Easypill. Read more about Easypill and where to get it here. For pills that need to be given without food, this pill giver is the best option, and the only effective option we have found.

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