Our Philosophy

British Shorthair kittens: our priorities 

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Raising perfect British Shorthair kittens for wonderful homes! We understand that our kittens will go on to be much loved family pets, and everything we do revolves around creating kittens that will not only look stunning, but also be fabulous, loving and rewarding members of the family. 

This means doing everything we possibly can to raise:

  • healthy
  • well socialised
  • happy kittens
  • who also just happen to look absolutely stunning!

Health tested 

Health is therefore our primary concern.

  • All of our cats have tested negative for FCOV (feline coronavirus, which leads to FIP). More than 90% of cats are estimated to have FCOV, most without any symptoms, but it causes death in 5-10% of kittens, usually within their first year of life.
  • Our cats are all clear of FELIV, FIV and PKD
  • We test our colourpoint cats for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
  • We test our boys for British Shorthair ALPS
  • We blood group all of our cats so we can avoid feline neonatal isoerythrolysis (FNI) from incompatible blood groups.  Discover more about FNI and Fading Kitten Syndrome

Immaculately clean conditions 

In addition to that, we make sure our cats are kept in immaculately clean conditions, and are not overcrowded. All of our cats live in our family home with us in groups of no more than two. All trays and bowls are cleaned and disinfected with an anti-viral every day.

Our kittens only have contact with us and their own mother, and their litter trays are cleaned and disinfected at least once or twice a day.  We never mix litters of kittens as this creates a very high risk of infectious conditions taking hold. Whilst it might be cute to see two or three litters of kittens playing together, it is well documented by scientific researchers that this is not good for the kittens' health and drastically increases the risk of the kittens getting seriously ill. 

Handled daily 

We handle our kittens every day, from as early as possible to ensure they are well socialised. We also pay close attention to their temperaments and expose them to as many noises and experiences as we can. 

Genetic approach

We plan our matings based on a deep understanding of the ideal type for a British Shorthair cat and the workings of feline genetics. We carefully consider the genetics of each parent, and their recessive genes, in order to achieve the best temperament and type that we can. 

Health remains our primary concern and we go above and beyond all government guidelines and other recommendations for maintaining excellent conditions for all of our cats and kittens. 


And, of course, all of our British Shorthair kittens are officially registered with the GCCF or occasionally with TICA. Because it matters. Find out why in our article on GCCF Registration.

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