The Hilary High Sleeper Cat Tower

We reviewed the Hilary High Sleeper cat tower from Pets at Home. Find out what we thought.

The Pets at Home Hillary High Sleeper Cat Post

Pet Product Reviews: Cat Towers: Pets at Home Hilary High Sleeper Cat Post

Price: £109

Rating: 3/5

Review: This cat tower from Pets at Home is a medium sized cat tower made from plush fabric and brown wicker material.  It provides a covered wicker area at the top with a removable white cushion, a further nest-like platform covered in white fabric, a plush platform and also a cylindrical part for hiding in.

It is a reasonable size and its structure has stood the test of time well. The main criticism with this tower is that the white cushion and the lining in the nest-like part get discoloured and dirty quite quickly and are hard to clean - the nest-like portion in particular is difficult as it cannot be removed. The best way to clean it is with a glove for removing cat hair, because debris does tend to stick to the material quite easily.

The colour is not really my favourite, but in room with a similar colour scheme it could look very nice, and the wicker material is quite natural looking, which provides a nice alternative look to the typical fluffy plush material used in cat towers. I suspect a very large and adventurous cat may manage to damage the top wicker part if they developed a tendency to climb on top of it!

All in all, a reasonable cat tower, but a little on the pricey side for the size and quality. It could be ideal if it matches the aesthetic of your home. If you can, we would recommend opting for the slightly more expensive and larger Pets at Home Columbus Grand Climber

More recently, we have embraced the Natural Paradise range of cat trees. They are made from solid wood which makes them highly durable and relatively easy to clean. Discover our best ever cat trees in this article.

Hilary high sleeper cat tower update..

After a year of use, our fears have been realised...our cat took a liking to sitting on the top of the wicker dome....once this became her favourite place, the lifespan of the tower was limited!  After about 9 months of use, the wicker dome on the top was so damaged that we had to dispose of this tower completely. And our room was strewn with bits of wicker/rattan from the dome that our cat had very helpfully dismantled for us. Disappointing for a cat tower of this price to get less than one year's use out of it!  On the other hand, our Columbus Grand Climber is still going strong at about 3 years old! 

You can view more details about this cat tower on the Pets at Home product page.


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