Early spay and neuter

Find out why all of our kittens leave us already spayed or neutered

Early spay and neuter

After doing a huge amount of research over many months, we have introduced early spay and neuter. Our first litter has now been spayed/neutered and are safely in their new homes. The process has been very straightforward, our kittens have recovered remarkably well from the procedures, and we are very happy with the results. 

Moving forwards, all of our kittens will be spayed or neutered before they leave us for their new homes.  Here is a short video explaining the importance of spay/neuter, and the best age to do it:

Reasons we early spay and neuter:

There are a number of reasons we have introduced this…

Early spay and neuter prevents unwanted litters

Firstly, there is a growing school of thought that if you are breeding cats it is simply irresponsible to allow them to leave without being spayed/neutered as it can lead to unwanted litters.  Unwanted litters can be dangerous for mum and the kittens, and also very stressful and expensive for kitten families. A cesarean section alone costs a minimum of £1,400, more if it is out of hours, and even more if it is not straight forwards. Pet insurance will not cover these costs, and if the surgery cannot be paid for, then the mother will die. 

Health Benefits of early spay and neuter

Young kittens heal much more quickly from the procedure. They are still growing at a remarkable pace so their cells divide rapidly, which means they heal at a much faster rate than an adult cat would.  

Multiple scientific studies have been carried out and none have found any negative effects as a result of early spay/neuter in the case of cats, and in fact they have found health benefits.  So, on the evidence currently available, early spay and neuter appears to be better for our cats' health. 

early spay and neuter

Preventing backyard breeding

Finally, there has been an unfortunate increase in the number of people masquerading as wanting a pet kitten, whilst having the intention of breeding from the kitten all along. Having a kitten from a breeder can be the start of a 20+ year relationship, and it is important to be honest. When people start in a dishonest way, it is never a good beginning.

Not every kitten is suitable for breeding from. This could be because of restrictions on the parents, for various medical reasons, because of temperament, because the type isn't quite right, or for some other reason. 

If people are wanting to breed non-active registered cats simply because it saves them a couple of hundred pounds, it suggests that they may be seeking to cut corners and reduce costs at the expense of the welfare of their cats, and of their future offspring. If a person wants to breed kittens, then it is important to do it in the best possible way: that means breeding properly registered, health tested kittens, preferably with the help and support of an experienced breeder as a mentor.

Early spay/neuter is ultimately the only way for us to ensure that none of our kittens end up in sub-standard conditions.  Therefore, all kittens now leave us spayed/neutered, unless we have agreed for the kitten to be on the Active register which happens only on a very rare occasion. 

Active registered kittens 

If you are wanting to breed your cat, it is important that you tell your breeder. You may need extra advice, guidance on the best kitten to choose, or simply basic advice about the realities of breeding. Breeding is not easy, and doing it well is incredibly difficult. We do not just put two cats together and then that is the end of it! Whichever breeder you choose, you must be honest with them - it is so important. For kittens from us, they will now all be spayed and neutered so the prospect of breeding from a non-active cat has been eradicated. 

If a breeder decides not to put a kitten on the Active register for you, please do not be offended - it just means that you are not a good match for each other. 

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