The Best Cat Radiator Beds

Reviews by cats, for cats, from the Bombadillo Kittens.

the best cat radiator beds

With winter approaching, we look at a firm Bombadillo favourite: cat radiator beds! 

The Bombadillo house is a big, draughty Victorian establishment. And, with cats originally being desert dwellers, the closer they can get to a source of warmth the happier they are! 

Over the years we have tried a few different radiator beds. At first, we bought some pretty cheap ones, to see if our cats would like them. The cats loved them...but they slipped off the radiators easily, and the fabric often ruffled down rather than staying where it was meant to. So we set out on a mission to find the best cat radiator beds.

Best cat radiator beds

1. The Trixie Plush Cuddly Bag 

trixie plush cat radiator bed

This is a real luxury radiator bed. The hooks that attach it to the radiator are very good quality so it stays put and doesn’t slide off. Perhaps most importantly from a cat’s point of view, it is a far more substantial bed than most because of its high sides.  We also like the way the white fabric blends in with the radiator colour. 

The only potential drawback would be if you want to put it in a confined space because it is quite bulky in appearance. 

Buy the trixie radiator bed here.


2. The Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

rosewood bamboo cat radiator beds

If your cat likes to hide away, this option is perfect. A bit less snuggly, and the warmth doesn’t radiate into the space as well because it is not just fabric, but perfect for cats who like dens. 

Buy the Rosewood bamboo bed here.


3. The Trixie Hanging Basket for Radiators 

Trixie Hanging Basket Cat radiator beds

This is a different take on the normal radiator bed - it is really more like a pod. It has quite a space age feel to it. Because of the design, it allows your cat to get right up against the radiator for maximum warmth. 

The downside with this design is that the loose cushion can be easily dislodged by active kitties, but it can be used just as well without it. 

Buy the Trixie Hanging cat bed here. 


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