Tabby Bicolour British Shorthairs

Discover what makes the tabby bicolour so incredibly cute and unique...

tabby bicolour British Shorthair kitten

The Tabby Bicolour British Shorthair 

One of the very newest additions to the British shorthair club is the tabby bicolour. These cats are so new that they are not yet recognised by the GCCF, and are currently very hard to find, particularly because they are rapidly growing in popularity. All of the images on this page are of our own kittens. We have been developing our tabby lines to develop lovely, chunky silver tabbies - something that is almost impossible to find. We are very proud of our tabby kittens. 

Tabby bicolour video

Here is a short video of some of our tabby kittens, including a silver mackerel tabby bicolour and a silver classic tabby bicolour.

Appearance of the tabby bicolour

The tabby bicolour is a tabby cat with the addition of the bicolour pattern ‘over the top’.  Bicolour cats are known for their incredible cuteness, and tabby bicolours are extra-specially cute because the little white face-masks from their bicolour patterns perfectly compliment their beautiful tabby face markings. They really are cats that catch your attention.  Below is a beautiful tabby bicolour girl. She is unusually chunky. You can see how incredibly cute and unusual the addition of the white bicolour facemask and paws is.

bicolour tabby British shorthair kitten

Bombadillo tabby bicolour kittens

We are incredibly lucky to have a variety of bicolour tabby kittens, in various colours and patterns. We have developed our bicolour tabby lines over the years to be able to produce some of the cutest, most beautiful kittens you will ever find, and the families of our Bombadillo bicolour tabbies will tell you that their temperaments are just incredible. We have managed to combine the inquisitiveness and playfulness of the traditional tabbies, with the affection levels and cuddliness of a traditional is quite a combination!

Bicolour tabby colours 

tabby bicolour british shorthair kittens for sale

Bicolour tabbies come in every colour imaginable. The standard tabby is a black silver tabby, and the white bicolour mask perfectly compliments them, but there is so much variety;

  • Black silver tabby bicolour 

  • Black golden tabby bicolour

  • Blue silver tabby bicolour

  • Blue golden tabby bicolour 

  • Chocolate silver tabby bicolour 

  • Chocolate golden tabby bicolour 

  • Lilac silver tabby bicolour 

  • Lilac golden tabby bicolour 

  • Cinnamon silver tabby bicolour 

  • Cinnamon golden tabby bicolour 

  • Fawn silver tabby bicolour

  • Fawn golden tabby bicolour 

  • Cream silver tabby bicolour 

  • Cream golden tabby bicolour 

  • Tortie tabby bicolours, sometimes called 'torbie bicolours'

Bicolour tabby patterns 

Bicolour tabby British Shorthairs come in every tabby pattern possible: 

  • Classic tabby: a swirled, marbled pattern

  • Mackerel tabby: a stripey pattern, like Tigger

  • Spotty tabby: classic spots, rather like a leopard

  • Ticked tabby: the tips of the fur are shaded, giving an interesting shell effect, like an Abyssinian. 

With all those colours, and all those patterns, the possibilities are endless!  You can read more about the silver tabby and its various patterns here.

bicolour british shorthair kittens for sale

Genetics of the tabby bicolour 

The bicolour gene is known by geneticists as the ‘white spotting’ gene. The white spotting gene is a dominant gene, so only one parent needs to have the gene for the kittens to have a chance of being bicolours. A bicolour parent will have a 50% chance of each of his or her offspring being bicolour. To get a bicolour kitten, one of the parents must be a bicolour. 

  • Non-bicolour mum and non-bicolour dad: no bicolour kittens 

  • One bicolour parent and one non-bicolour parent: each kitten has a 50% chance of being bicolour 

  • Both bicolour parents: 25% chance of non-bicolour kittens, 50% chance bicolour kittens, 25% chance high white kittens 

Read more about the bicolour British Shorthair cat. 

See if we have any bicolour tabby kittens available here. 

For more on genetics, colours, patterns and choosing your kitten, have a look through our articles. All of our articles are written based on our own, extensive experience. All of the images on this site are of our own cats and kittens, save for when we picture a different breed and then we explain that the image is not our own. We have a unique approach to the way we raise our kittens. Please explore our website to discover why we are so different, and then feel free to contact us if you have any questions.