Cat Mate Water Fountain

Initially very promising, the Cat Mate Water Fountain did not end well!

cat mate water fountain review

We recently tried out the Cat Mate Water Fountain. Having been very dubious about mixing cats, electricity and water, we were finally persuaded to try a water fountain for one of our girls who is not very good at drinking water, and doesn’t really like wet cat food.

Cat Mate Water Fountain: initially promising...

We had not used a water fountain before. At first we were very impressed by the Cat Mate Water Fountain. Aside from one occasion where she managed to tip the whole thing upside down, she used the fountain very well and it definitely did seem to get her to drink more water.

It took her a few days to get used to it, but the movement of the water definitely seems to interest her in drinking much more.

The fountain does need to be thoroughly cleaned every 2 days, but it is a fairly simple task.  It is quite a large, clunky tray which can make it a bit awkward to clean and refill. 

The water 'filter' cartridge in the fountain doesn’t really look substantial enough to filter water in the true sense of the word. But it is good at removing any stray hairs or dust that get into the water. 

But ultimately a disaster!

So far,  so good….BUT…..after just 2 months of use our fears about cats, electric wires and water have been proven correct. The wire coating has been chewed through, exposing the metal wires underneath. We have unfortunately therefore had to remove this and dispose of it.

This is quite disappointing, since 2 months is not a particularly long time for something to end up in the bin! We won’t be replacing it.

This was a very useful item, but unfortunately unless your cat is exceptionally chilled, expect the wires to be chewed! I suppose you could try to somehow disguise the wires, use cable holders to secure them to a wall, or gaffa tape them to the floor.  But we are not sure even that would have worked! 

A very good product in theory, but a fundamental design flaw in that the wires are not properly protected.  This could be potentially very dangerous.

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