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The Furminator is a cat grooming brush, unlike any other. They actually call it a 'de-shedding tool', which is probably a better description. On first inspection, you would not really think that it would either be good, or be suitable for grooming a cat with! But as soon as you use it you realise its genius. Quite why it works, we do not know, but it does!

The Furminator is now available in a range of options for both dogs and cats. 

Cat grooming

British Shorthair cats do not generally require much grooming at all. But, they do have very dense, thick coats and when the seasons change they shed quite a lot of fur as their summer and then winter coats change.

So, for the benefit of your own sofas, it is worth investing in a good grooming device!

We tend to give our cats a groom once every few weeks, but more often when the seasons are changing. It is also helpful to groom your cat in very hot weather as removing the loose fur will help them to keep cooler. Kittens don’t really need to be groomed, but we do groom our kittens very lightly a few times, just to get them used to being groomed for when they are older.

If you have a British Longhair, or other longhaired cat breed, then you will need to groom them regularly to prevent their fur from becoming matted.

Benefits of grooming: 

  • it allows you to check your cat over, looking for any evidence of fleas, ticks or any suspicious lumps or bumps that shouldn't be there
  • it allows you to bond with your cat (if you do it right!) 
  • it helps to keep your cat cool in summer
  • it reduces shedding and loose hair on your clothes and furniture 
  • it reduces problems with hairballs 

The Furminator

The Furminator is an excellent grooming device. It has metal ‘teeth’ which look very strange at first, but our cats absolutely love being furminated! Most of them are very good at sitting still, but a couple of them get a bit over-excited and start chasing the furminator, so we have to do them in short stints.

We have the standard size Furminator, and that is fine for our cats. The Furminator now comes in different sizes, but we have only tested the original size and are very happy with that.

When you use the Furminator, use short, decisive but gentle strokes, getting the Furminator into the base of the fur. Keep a hand free to catch the clumps of fur that it will remove from your cat!

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The Furminator: results

The Furminator will remove all of the loose hairs from your cat….and plenty of them!  The first time you use it you will likely get enough fluff to fill a small pillow! If you do it weekly, this will keep on top of your cat’s shedding and really help your house to stay free of cat hairs.


The Furminator is highly effective… effective that it warns you not to over-use it! So just be careful that you don’t remove all of your cat’s hair!

Also, it is fantastic for your cat’s main body and tail, but it is a bit too cumbersome to easily groom the fur on your cat’s legs and tummy areas. These areas tend to shed much less anyway, so this is not a major drawback.

If your cat is very underweight, then the Furminator may not be the best choice for you. A very slender cat would probably feel the 'teeth' of the Furminator too much, so we would suggest a softer brush.


The Furminator is a brilliant grooming tool and we think every cat household should have one!

Prices vary wildly depending on where you are looking. The best deals can usually be found online and prices start from around £14.

You can explore the range on the Zooplus website 

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